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Lincoln Murdoch | World-Class Triathlete

Lincoln considered himself a failure at athletics in high school & college. He would become a world class triathlete.

Jordan Johnson | MMA Fighter

Jordan grew up in a typical Midwestern family, with no particular destination in mind...but he found something worth fighting for.

Riley Ross | MMA "TREIGNER"

Riley lost himself in a quest be known as the strongest and best. God intervened and showed him how to serve others.

Jeff Burritt interviews Stu Bents | Lion Gear

Jeff Burritt interview Stu Bents, CEO & Founder of Lion Gear, on "Get off the Couch"

Britni Bersin | World Race

Lion Gear-backed World Racer Britni Bersin tells her account of her 11 month, 11 country mission trip.

Meet the Lion, Jesus Christ

Who is Jesus?Why Do I Need Him?Follow Him.

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