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Meet the Lion, Jesus Christ
Who is Jesus?Why Do I Need Him?Follow Him.

The Lord is excited about the opportunity to spend eternity with you as His son or daughter! We are also excited about the possibility of being able to spend eternity with you! Please pray this prayer with me and receive Jesus as your Savior and Lord!


“Jesus, I am sorry for the way I have lived my life. I have lived my life my own way, instead of following You. I repent now and turn completely around and give my whole life to you. I give you my heart, my soul and my strength! I give you my dreams and my future! Please take me, Lord Jesus and forgive me and heal my heart, body, mind and spirit! I also ask for the Holy Spirit, that you promised would come, to come and be with me at all times to give me comfort and to help me do the things that You will call me to do in my life. Thank you, Jesus! Amen!”

We would love to hear from you if you prayed this prayer or if for any reason, you would like to talk with another believer for additional prayer or guidance. Please contact us.

It is very important and beneficial to spend time in God's Word, The Bible, asking the Holy Spirit for understanding as you read it. It is also very important to find a body of believers to fellowship with. We pray that you would be led by the Spirit as you seek for church to participate in!

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